CorelDRAW X7 for Sublimation & Other Print Processes

Listed below are the first two course outlines (more courses coming)…

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S-1-Creating a Sublimated Business Card.

Using Unisub Product 5530.

  • Lesson S-101 – Finding the Unisub Template.
  • Lesson S-102 – Modifying Unisub’s Template.
  • Lesson S-103 – Set Page Size to match Unsub’s Production Fixture.
  • Lesson S-104 – Saving the modified template.
  • Lesson S-105 – Adding and arranging text.
  • Lesson S-106 – Creating a background.
  • Lesson S-107 – Using Imposition Layout to print the business card.

S-2-Converting the Business Card into a Name Badge.

Using Unisub Product 5530.

  • Lesson S-201 – A review…and overview of the Lessons in Section 2.
  • Lesson S-202 – Modify the business card layout to use for name badges.
  • Lesson S-203 – Create name badges using Pages and Layers.
  • Lesson S-204 – Create name badges using Print Merge.